11 Relaxing Hotels With In-Room Spas

As travelers increasingly seek wellness on their trips, hotels continue to elevate their spa facilities to offer everything from immersive storm rooms to contrast bathing (where guests alternate between hot and cold water). But few hotels offer the opportunity to experience a spa in private. “Being naked is the point,” Brett van Sickle says bluntly on the inspiration behind building a hammam and steam room in each of the bedrooms at his wellness boutique inn, the High Acre. “Being able to feel the sweat and steam on your body is so therapeutic.”

Rather than rub sweaty elbows with strangers in a shared sauna, having in-room spa facilities enables guests to turn their attention inward. Instead of carving out an hour or two to visit the spa, having in-room spa facilities provides unlimited opportunities for self-care each day, transforming the typical hotel stay into a private wellness retreat. Below, AD surveys 11 hotels with in-room spas that offer unparalleled privacy—and striking design—in the pursuit of relaxation and rejuvenation.