12 Design Ideas From the Homes of Capricorn Celebrities

Show off your accolades

After working so hard, a Capricorn is sure to rack up some awards and accolades. Don’t be shy about showing them off! Turn one of your accomplishments into an art piece—put a trophy out on your bookcase, or get an important story you wrote framed. Or be like Tyrese Gibson, who has a fake Oscar on display in the den of his palatial Atlanta mansion to manifest his future win.

Beating the chill

Capricorn season, at least in the Northern hemisphere, coincides with the true beginning of winter, when unsettlingly warm days are firmly behind us and it’s permanently puffer time. Capricorns don’t mind the cold as they have a weird affinity for suffering, but when you live in northern Canada and play ice hockey like Connor McDavid, you have to find creative ways to beat the chill. Connor’s sleek, modern Edmonton home has plenty of options for staying warm; you can hang near the outdoor heaters, step into the sauna, or relax in the hot tub. If you’re stuck with the coldest room in your house, or have a landlord that’s neglectful of your heating, get a chic space heater or a cozy homecoat that matches your home’s color scheme.


Appointed as the grown up of the 12 Zodiac signs, Capricorns have to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. While we don’t want our Caps to be too burdened to enjoy life, there’s something to be said about the density of Capricorn energy. For John Legend, this appears in the form of his Joseph Dirand dining room table, which is so heavy that it’s a permanent fixture in his family’s airy Beverly Hills home. Unfortunately, it’s a little too easy to be duped online by a flimsy piece of furniture with a short shelf life. If you’re looking for new items, prioritize ones that are sturdy and take a few people to move into your apartment—those are the ones that will last the longest.

Real (or fake) green thumb

All of the earth signs are naturally drawn toward pursuits such as hiking, gardening, and nurturing houseplants. My Virgo friend’s Capricorn boyfriend is so hardcore about his plants that he created a multi-page document detailing how to take care of them. If you don’t have the time or dedication to keep plants alive, you can always opt for realistic looking fake plants. (Though we must warn you that this might be deemed cringe if you pick the wrong product.) John and Chrissy were so enamored by interior designer Kelly Wearstler’s indoor tree that they moved their own (dead) olive tree in the middle of their great room. Vibrant silk leaves were added so the tree will always measure up to Capricorn John’s high standards. Go outside and touch grass from the comfort of your humble abode!

Playing the long game

For a long time, Saturn was the slowest planet in our solar system. Similar to their ruling planet, Capricorns can be very slow—they’d rather take their time doing something right than rushing through and making a lot of mistakes. Cancer Jared and Capricorn Genevieve Padalecki have owned their Austin home since 2010 but it took almost a decade to finish renovations. The end result was the German-inspired farmhouse of their dreams. If you recently moved or are redecorating and feel like you have to rush through the process, take Capricorn season to slow down and strategize. For Capricorns, slow and steady truly wins the race (and has the best interior design).

Save a horse, ride a cowboy

Astrologers (including myself) like to describe Capricorn as the daddy of the Zodiac. They’re old souls who are fans of anything traditional. And what’s more traditional, at least in the United States, than the mythology of the Wild West? There’s something distinctly Capricorn about the rugged taste of the lone rangers who roamed the country in olden times. Orville Peck adopted this style for both his performing persona and his Los Angeles treehouse. He decorated his home with vintage cowboy lamps, tapestries, and even a boot jack for taking off his many pairs of cowboy boots. Find a way to incorporate some unique ranch house or coastal cowgirl decor into your own home.

Upholding boundaries

Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, is infamous for its seven rings that orbit around the planet and ensconce it within a galactic gate. This might be why Capricorns are so obsessed with boundaries—one of their favorite words has to be no. It’s not that they’re rude, they just understand the value in space. Similar to Saturn and its rings, Orville is infamous for always covering his face with a fringe mask. The musician also chose a home that’s nestled within trees and gardens within overcrowded Los Angeles that mimics the feeling of privacy the masks give him. This Capricorn season, practice setting metaphorical and physical boundaries in your space—you can politely decline some overeager guests, or add room divider screens to break up an open room.