20 Coffee Bar Ideas to Get You Buzzing

Does the thought of a cup of coffee get you out of bed in the morning? Do you dream Slot Gacor of coffee bar ideas as you float off to sleep? Do you browse the espresso machines and coffee essentials to inspire the perfect midday pick-me-up? Whether you’re a pour-over devotee or a daily Keurig user, creating a home coffee bar is a surefire way to make your kitchen counter a stylish oasis filled with the caffeine inspiration of your dreams.

“A coffee bar is one of those destinations in your home that can be designed to fit any budget,” says Rhode Island–based interior designer Lindy Lowney. “The first thing I always ask my clients is: Do you want it hidden or on display? Or maybe a combination of both? In either scenario, making it easy for everyone to serve themselves is ideal.” If you’re in search of ideas for the perfect home coffee station to serve up a cup of joe, we gathered some coffee station ideas from designers who know how to turn unused counter space into a sight straight out of a coffee shop. But first, take a look at some common questions about coffee bars.

What items should be on a coffee bar?

“Start with the essential coffee bar appliances, like a coffee maker, grinder, espresso machine, and teapot,” says Lowney. “Consider which mugs, canisters, bowls, and silverware you will need.” Depending on your available storage space, stock up on supplies, from coffee beans, tea, cocoa, and sweeteners, to straws, stirrers, and napkins. If you’re looking to create a visually pleasing presentation that keeps things organized, Lowney recommends layering with trays, cake stands, turntables, and cutting boards.

How do I set up a good coffee bar?

Focus on function above all. “What small appliances will you be using on your coffee bar? These typically require the most space,” says Lowney. After you’ve got the big items squared away, consider which mugs, canisters, bowls, and silverware you’ll use and how you want them displayed. Canisters are great for storing pods, tea, and sugar packets, while baskets can house extra dishes, filters, or napkins. Just be sure to designate a place for a small trash can and travel mugs. Your final focus can be the aesthetics, whether it’s a piece of artwork or a vase of fresh flowers.

How do you set up a coffee bar in a small kitchen?

Sure, size matters. But small spaces can function seamlessly too, even if you don’t have a ton of counter space. “Start with the surface area you have available,” says Lowney. “If you don’t have counter space, try utilizing a rolling bar cart that can be easily pulled out when needed. Even a small cabinet or console with closed storage could work.” If you have wall space, position the coffee bar against an available wall. Closed and open storage options, like drawers, baskets, and open shelves, can intermingle. Lowney recommends mounting rails and hooks under a wall cabinet to provide even more display options and utilize vertical space.