25 Best Wall Clocks to Buy Now

Smartphones may be our ultimate timekeepers and alarm clock these days, but the best wall clocks most certainly add more charm to the act of checking the time—and they double as home decor. Additional benefits include: A wall clock never gets lost, it can completely boost your interior design situation, it doesn’t have to be charged every day, and it certainly costs a whole lot less, especially when you factor in the price of cracked screens for the clumsier users.

Aside from keeping you on time, a wall clock can also make a design statement in any room, from the kitchen to the home office. And, it says something definitive about your personality—you’re an appreciator, an analog wall clock lover, you shun the idea of being trapped by technology. We’ve rounded up the best wall clocks to suit your home, whether you’re a midcentury design fan or budding art collector. These functional and gorgeous pieces from our favorite retailers prove that sometimes being a little old school isn’t such a bad thing.

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