31 of the Best Etsy Gifts for Every Occasion

The world of Etsy gifts is wide and it is wonderful. The platform offers one of the best ways to support small businesses, whether you’re looking for a Christmas treat, a Mother’s Day gift, or something special for a group of loved ones (two words: care package). Digging through page after page of Etsy sellers can quickly become a full-time job—don’t get us wrong, a very fun full-time job—so we’re here to insert a bit of efficiency into your search for a great gift.

We cannot reiterate it enough—there are Etsy gifts for literally every single person you know: groomsmen, your best friend, bridesmaids, your partner, the list goes on. Consider Etsy the ultimate gift guide (we do). Ahead, we crafted a list of perfect gifts for the most important people in your life. Start digging, and curate your cart.

Our Top Picks

One of our go-to gift ideas is the ever-popular charcuterie board. Housewarming party hosted by someone who loves to, well, host? They’ll adore it. Oh, it’s the birthday of your cheese-obsessed friend? Done deal. Don’t go for anything with a strip of resin or with a curlicue monogram on it—we love this one for its cool handle.

This checker pattern is a little bit sleepy, just like your BFF before their morning coffee.

Venture Designs Pour-Over Stand

The pour-over obsessed will be all about this stand, which will only add to the appeal of their coffee station.

Handmade Ceramic Planter with a Saucer

The chain “handle” on this planter is a little bit sexy, but not in an over-the-top way—just a whisper.

Checkerboard Cutting Board

Like charcuterie boards, cutting boards are some of the best gifts to give because they’ll get tons of use. This one, which is made with hickory wood, is pretty modern with its chic checkerboard print. Plus, the pattern will help hide any knife marks. But the best part? You won’t need a gift box because it’s likely they’ll immediately put it to use… or on display.

These statement earrings have serious kindergarten teacher vibes—in a beautiful way. Reserve these for your most vibrant friend, the one who loves all things color.

Have a buddy who just made a massive move? Celebrate with a super special birthday gift: a custom portrait of their new-ish digs. We like how simple these line drawings are, as they will blend into lots of different interior styles.

Overflowing String of Pearls Succulent

All you have to do is find a cool planter and, boom, you’ve got a housewarming gift.

Minimalist Glass Coffee Tumbler

There are a lot of cheesy monogrammed tumblers out there—give those a break. Instead, upgrade their to-go coffee situation with this chic glass coffee (or tea) cup.

Have a friend who is absolutely obsessed with their dog? Chances are they will be just as taken with this custom bookmark.

Frequent travelers love accumulating carry-on-worthy bags for tossing chargers, makeup, and, yes, toiletries.

Square Glass Tile Coasters

Tile is—and has been—having a moment, and it doesn’t look like it’s ending anytime soon. These are just plain fun and available in a bunch of different colors.

Family Birthstone Necklace

If you’re after a unique gift for Mother’s Day, opt for something that brings the whole family together. This necklace is made up of the birthstones of every member of her family. Awwww.

Sterling Silver Snake Chain Necklace

This simple unisex necklace will become a mainstay in their wardrobe.

Whether they’re in art school (or went once upon a time), gather flowers along their daily commute, or just love collecting totes, they will be delighted by the number of pockets in this bag.

Goldfish Koi Fish Keychain

Even if they don’t have memories of leaving the fair with a poor goldfish in a plastic bag, there’s still a universal nostalgia attached to this silly keychain.

There are a lot of jewelry boxes out there that will make you go, “mehhhhh.” But this one looks like a tiny piece of furniture, and that’s just cute. It’s a great option if you’re finding yourself in a never-ending spiral of “gifts for her” Google searches.

Hand-Embroidered Stocking Christmas gift

Call it a Christmas gift or call it a holiday gift, these minimalist stockings don’t scream “HoLiDaY dEcOr!” Get them embroidered with nicknames, just for fun.

Personalized ’80s-Style Pet Portraits

Pet portraits can be so serious—and that’s fine, but this is a lot more fun when it comes to custom gifts. Don’t be fooled: This is also a super thoughtful gift, especially if their pet has a quirky little personality.

Wine and Cheese Club Poster

Home decor can be tough to gift, but this wall art is pretty universal—as long as they like both wine and cheese.

This print will become an instant keepsake. Whether you’re looking for an anniversary gift, wedding gift, or a “just because” gift, this walk down memory lane will bring a smile to their face. Each one is made up of places special to the person you’re gifting it to—first-date bars, favorite restaurants, and local haunts. Your search for personalized gifts ends riiiiiight here.

Beginner Punch Needle Pillowcase Kit

A DIY kit can be a great gift for someone who is always on the hunt for a new hobby. Lots of Etsy shops offer kits—from candlemaking to kintsugi—but we’re partial to the punch needle how-to. Why? Because they can look at their efforts every time they sit on the couch.

Rosemary and Oatmeal Bath Bags

If you’ve got a friend in need of some serious self-care, a gift set of bath salts can easily do the trick—or at least give them an excuse to tune out the world for a bit.

Their board game stack may be tall, but we can guarantee they don’t have this one. Imagine this: a dining table set up with a stack of pancakes or waffles, the morning paper, and this cute tic-tac-toe set. You know, for between bites.

September Birth Flower Candle

This Etsy shop sells a candle for every birth flower (among other scents). It’s a great housewarming or birthday gift for someone you’re just getting to know.

If there’s a budding ceramicist in your orbit, give them something that will support their artistic habit.

This one’s for the astrology enthusiast who tells everyone their sign within 10 minutes of meeting them.

Flameware Cooking and Pizza Stone

Designed for the grill, oven, or broiler, this pizza stone will keep your favorite pizzaiolo busy for many meals to come.

Pint glasses are fine, but this curvy glass is a conversation starter. It holds beer well—the shop owner recommends lighter beers—and looks really good doing it.

Handmade Candle Holder Set

This candle holder nods to Danish design, with its rounded shape and wooden construction. This is the kind of gift that could fit into 100 corners of someone’s home, bringing a touch of cozy with it.

The Frances Wallet in Emerald Green

If you’re tired of watching them tape together the years-old wallet they’ve struggled to use, it’s time for an upgrade. We love the bold color combination and monogram option.