How to Cold Plunge: Find Your Inner Chill at Home

But, of course, things aren’t allowed to be that easy, especially when transporting an awkwardly-shaped 175 pound pallet. My delivery was scheduled for the day after we got a foot of snow, it took some creative thinking to actually get the thing in place. After coming up with a zany plan, shoveling a hefty amount of fresh powder and applying some elbow grease, the behemoth finally found its home in my backyard.

There’s no way I would have been able to move the thing by myself, so the fact that Plunge ponies up for premium shipping makes all the difference. I just hope that yours is delivered by an equally kind FedEx driver.

Setup is a breeze

Since the cooling and heating systems are embedded within the tub itself, the Plunge All-In requires the least setup of all the tubs made by the brand. As I am wont to do, I considered skipping the directions but I decided that if I was going to provide a fair assessment, I should do my due diligence and, you know, use the materials provided to make my life easier. Turns out this was a good idea. The tub comes with an easy-to-use filter that screws onto the end of your hose, providing crystal clear water to fill your plunge with. Once it’s full of water, all I needed to do was plug it into a standard 120v outlet.

The Plunge has a user-friendly control panel on the foot of the tub, but I also opted to set up the Plunge App, where I can control the temperature of the tub, the light inside the tub, and track my time spent plunging. All-in-all, setup was a breeze and couldn’t have taken more than 10 minutes to get going from the time I plugged it in until it was fully under my control and cooling to my preferred temperature. Actually, I have to note that it was so cold on the day I set it up, the Plunge had to warm the water up, because the hose water was barely above freezing when I first filled it up. If you live in a cold climate, definitely add on the heater because you’ll need it. The internal temperature control system is what will keep your Plunge from freezing over.

The hard part

When it comes to using the tub, the hardest part is psyching yourself up to actually do it — the Plunge itself is actually super comfy. The All-In is the biggest of the Plunge offerings, boasting 64 inches of legroom. I’m 5’10” and when I’m submerged up to my neck, I’m able to stretch my legs out as much as I want. And at just 28.75 inches deep, the Plunge is easy to lower yourself into and hoist yourself out of, both of which are essential to having a positive experience.

The head-side of the tub gently slopes up from the bottom making it easy to lay back and relax, while the rounded angle at the top of the tub provides a comfortable place to rest your head. The All-In is also extremely quiet, leaving you free to embrace the silence or tune into some guided meditation and breathwork.