Jeff Bezos Is Officially Moving to Miami—Will Those Neighboring “Billionaire Bunker” Abodes Be His Home Base?

Jeff Bezos has called Seattle home for almost three decades, but the Amazon founder is apparently moving on to sunnier pastures. In an Instagram post yesterday, he shared a throwback video of himself showing off the modest office that served as Amazon’s first headquarters and announced in the caption that he’ll be relocating from Washington to Florida. It seems likely that Bezos plans to make his recently acquired plots on Miami’s Indian Creek “Billionaire Bunker” island his primary residence(s). The pair of neighboring properties, both purchased in the past few months, span about five acres and cost the billionaire a total of $147 million.

“Seattle has been my home since 1994 when I started Amazon out of my garage,” the tech titan wrote in the nostalgic post. “That’s my dad behind the camera in this video, touring Amazon’s first ‘office.’ My parents have always been my biggest supporters. They recently moved back to Miami, the place we lived when I was younger … I want to be close to my parents, and [fiancée] Lauren [Sanchez] and I love Miami,” he explained. Blue Origin, Bezos’s aerospace company, counts Florida’s Cape Canaveral as its base of operations—another reason the mogul cited for the move.

In August, Bezos made his first purchase on the man-made South Florida private island community, where Ivanka Trump and Tom Brady also maintain properties. The 2.8-acre plot cost $68 million. About two months later, Bezos shelled out $79 million for the Mediterranean-style mansion next door.


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Up until now, the magnate primarily lived in a compound in the affluent Seattle suburb of Medina, where Bill Gates also keeps a residence. That estate also consists of two neighboring multi-million-dollar plots, plus access to Lake Washington.

“I’ve lived in Seattle longer than I’ve lived anywhere else and have so many amazing memories here. As exciting as the move is, it’s an emotional decision for me,” Bezos concluded. “Seattle, you will always have a piece of my heart.”