Kitchen Light Fixtures: 13 Brilliant Ideas to Illuminate Your Cook-Space

Designers often say lighting is the jewelry of the home—but in a cooking space, kitchen light fixtures are more like the salt in a dish. They’re a vital addition that enlivens the flavor (and illuminates your whole experience to boot)—as long as you don’t use too much. Thankfully design pros have curated a bountiful buffet of kitchen lighting options. “These days, we’re seeing such incredible new designs that act as pieces of art in the space,” says Chicago designer Devon Wegman. “Gone are the days of traditional candelabras—now it’s all about sculptural, intricate fixtures that make a statement.” One upcoming trend, adds Dallas designer Ginger Curtis of Urbanology Designs, is that “designers will look to really play with scale with both under and oversized lights to add either drama or artistic flair.” Just remember that in a room where you’ll be slicing and dicing, functionality is key. Ensure adequate lighting by including a variety of kitchen light fixture sources, including overhead, sconce, downlights, and more. And don’t forget to add a little spice, like the designers behind these kitchens.