Martin Scorsese Directs His Daughter in a Home Tour Highlighting Their Cinema-Themed Decor

Filmmaker Martin Scorsese’s passion for his work is so strong that he’s brought it home with him. The Oscar winner has lined his residence with various set items and cinema-themed decor, which he just showed off alongside his daughter Francesca in a tour of the house shared to TikTok. The minute-long video, which takes the viral “of course” format, sees Francesca’s famous father doing the directing (plus some on-camera work).

The TikTok opens with Francesca standing in a narrow corridor of the house featuring a black-and-white checkered floor and walls plastered in posters of acclaimed classics like a French version of Alfred Hitchcock’s courtroom drama The Paradine Case and the 1945 romance I Know Where I’m Going! She begins by explaining how she and her father’s cinephile ways have influenced their dwelling’s style: “We’re movie lovers, of course we have film posters all over our house.”

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Apparently Francesca’s reading does not quite meet her father’s exacting standards, as he can be heard criticizing from offscreen, “Do it again. It has to have more… film. You’re proud of your posters.” After a second take (with more gusto), Martin, still not satisfied, informs her that reading was “too big—take that down a bit, sort of in between.”

The rest of the tour includes a memorabilia-packed section of Martin’s study, where he gestures to an empty bell jar (save for a stand), explaining that it usually houses the original red shoes from the 1948 drama The Red Shoes. Also featured is a moment in which the father-daughter duo proudly shows off the automaton from Scorsese’s 2011 film Hugo.

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Other noteworthy items in the Scorsese household include an old-fashioned movie camera standing on a tripod near a wall of books in the study, a director’s chair with Martin’s name printed on the front of the back, and a home theater where a black-and-white movie plays on a large screen.

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