This Tiny Home in Milan Shows that You Can Live Happily Within 323 Square Feet

This tiny home in Milan is meant to be lived in, proof of the truth behind the phrase “good things come in small packages.” The architects and designers behind the renovation of this 323-square-foot space, Anna Foresio and Pietro Carlino of Fo.Ca Studio, have created a lesson in how to maximize the small spaces of a compact one-room apartment.

The kitchenette, custom-designed for the project by Fo.Ca Studio, features doors and shelves in light shades of canary yellow. It’s a soft color and the palette of pastels enhances a sense of depth.

“The project consisted of designing a small flat of about 325 square feet,” the two architects say, “for an owner who is a young woman of 27. She asked us to optimize the space as much as possible while maintaining some of the existing features, like the parquet floor in the bedroom as well as the location of the bathroom.” The former floor plan included a somewhat shadowy entrance hall, which had an imposing wardrobe, and a dark and narrow corridor connecting the bathroom, kitchen, and sleeping area.

“Our goal was to give the different rooms more light,” the architects explain. With that objective in mind, the bathroom was reduced in size to provide room for a curved wall that would allow light to fill the different spaces of the apartment including a dark entrance hall. Anna and Pietro also created a compact kitchenette. While it is small it still has room to house all the essentials that the owner wanted, and it opens directly onto the living area. The space includes a table and a small sofa bed atop a parquet wooden floor that has been carefully cleaned and restored.