Zendaya Rescued Timothée Chalamet’s First NYC Apartment From Its “Very Teenage Boy” Design Style

“Everyone knows me and Timothée [Chalamet] are besties,” Zendaya said of her costar in a recently released promo for the upcoming Dune sequel, which will hit theaters on March 1. “She was a real partner in crime and someone I’m really grateful to have just a very, very strong friendship with,” Chalamet confirmed in the short montage. The A-list pals got specific about just how deeply their friendship runs on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday night: “Zendaya helped me set up my first apartment in New York years ago,” the Wonka star divulged when the two appeared for an interview, alongside fellow Dune: Part Two actors Florence Pugh and Austin Butler.

Interior designer Brittaney Elise once described the Euphoria star’s style as “immaculate,” so it’s safe to say that Chalamet was in good hands. Presumably, Zendaya saw Chalamet’s barely furnished digs and felt the need to step in: “The vibe was very teenage boy,” she explained. “We just needed a few necessities. You know, cups and plates, knives and forks, things to clean.”

When Pugh playfully suggested that a bed was on their shopping list as well, Chalamet corrected her, before admitting that there was “no bed frame.” The friends told Kimmel that they went to the now defunct chain store Bed Bath & Beyond for the bachelor pad shopping spree. “We got everything he needed—all the big boy stuff,” Zendaya joked.


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Chalamet, who described the Spider-Man: No Way Home star as a “sister” to him in a 2022 Variety interview, maintains an $11 million Beverly Hills home that he bought from Kate Upton.